When you the consumer take out a loan for the purchase of a vehicle, you generally put up that vehicle as collateral for that loan. In doing so you are creating what is called a security interest, or a secured debt. If you default, meaning that you miss one or more payments on that loan, Texas law grants the secured creditor the right of self help repossession. This means that the secured creditor does not need a court order to repossess the vehicle.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy please call me. In some cases bankruptcy can be avoided. If you have lawsuits from creditors or a mountain of debt and feel overwhelmed I can help.

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Are you being sued because of an old debt? Has the alleged balance due mushroomed because of fees and an exorbitant interest rate? Have you even had dealings with the company that is suing you?
Is it even your account?

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While many business follow the law and attempt to collect debts in an ethical manner, some unscrupulous collectors attempt to skirt the law in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage and to prey upon those who do not know what their rights and options are. 

Whether you owe the debt or not you have the right to not be verbally abused, harassed, or threatened with actions that the collector cannot legally take. Bankruptcy is not your only alternative. 

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When someone passes away, the probate process is initiated to distribute the assets of their estate according to the will or the laws of intestacy. When there is a valid will the executor named in the will, through their attorney, will ask for a hearing. At this hearing the executor ask the Judge to grant letters testamentary. This is a court order that grants the executor the authority to distribute the assets of the person who has recently passed away, and conduct the affairs of the estate.

In Texas if someone dies without a will the assets of their estate are distributed according to the laws of intestacy. This distribution may not be in line with your wishes. Furthermore it may create unwanted conflicts such as multiple siblings having partial interests in a house or car. A valid will ensures that the assets of your estate are transferred according to your wishes and your loved ones will be provided for as you would want them to be. You’ve worked hard to build this estate, it should be devised as you wish. In addition, a valid will makes the probate process much smoother.