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The consumer is always first with James Foley, PLLC, Texas Credit Reporting Attorney, based in Fort Worth. 
James Foley has settled numerous Fair Credit Reporting Act cases and he treats each client as if they are his only client. Mr. Foley's experience with the consumer reporting agencies, Trans Union and Equifax, is evident in court.
James Foley uses The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other consumer protection laws to purse monetary damages for any losses his clients have suffered including loss of credit opportunities, damage to reputation, loss of job or denial of job application due to a false credit report status.
And you do not pay unless there is a settlement in your favor. All of Mr. Foley's cases are defended on a contingent fee basis. 
Inaccuracies on your credit report can be damaging and unfortunately, errors happen quite often. Contact James Foley immediately if you find any credit reporting errors.
Most consumers do not know that a large percentage of all credit reports contain mistakes. If you find mistakes on your credit report, you are not alone. Many credit reports contain public record information belonging to someone else, credit accounts that do not belong to the consumer or accounts incorrectly marked as delinquent. Other reports contain credit errors serious enough to deny an application for credit, housing or employment.
Don't delay. Contact James Foley, PLLC immediately if you find errors on your report. The inaccurate information on credit reports can come from merged credit reports, background screening, out of date entries, or identity theft.
Seeking legal assistance especially if you are being sued, should not be considered optional. Call James Foley, PLLC today.
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