Credit Reporting Attorney

James Foley, PLLC is a Texas Credit Reporting Attorney who puts the consumer first.

James Foley, based in Fort Worth, Texas, has settled numerous Fair Credit Reporting Act cases and treats each case like his client is family. Mr. Foley understands how the consumer reporting agencies, Trans Union and Equifax operate and this knowledge and experience are obvious in court.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other consumer protection laws are what James Foley uses to purse monetary damages for any losses his clients have suffered including loss of credit opportunities, damage to reputation, loss of job or denial of job application due to a false credit report status.

You do not pay a fee unless there is a settlement. Mr. Foley works with consumer credit reporting cases on a contingent fee basis.

James Foley deals with all credit reporting errors. If you find an error in your credit report you should report it immediately. Inaccuracies on your credit report can be damaging and unfortunately it happens quite often.

A large percentage of all credit reports contain mistakes. Many credit reports contain public record information belonging to someone else, credit accounts that do not belong to the consumer or accounts incorrectly marked as delinquent. Other reports contain credit errors serious enough to deny an application for credit, housing or employment.

The inaccurate information on credit reports can come from merged credit reports, background screening, out of date entries, or identity theft.

Seeking legal assistance especially if you are being sued, should not be considered optional. Call James Foley, PLLC today.

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense & Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you being sued over an old debt? Are you being harassed by a bill collector? Are you considering filing for bankruptcy?

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

One of the areas of my practice as an attorney is credit card lawsuit defense where I focus on defending consumers who have been served with lawsuits relating to credit cards or other debt collection issues, especially old credit card accounts that were charged off long ago. These are just a few examples where one might need defense in a credit card lawsuit, so whatever the situation, I can help. I also assist consumers who are being harassed by overzealous bill collectors. I represent clients in Fort WorthWeatherford, Parker County, and the surrounding areas.

Were You Served with a Lawsuit i.e. Citation, Petition or Summons?

If you have been served with a lawsuit, also known as a citation, petition, or summons, time is of the essence. Failure to meet certain deadlines may be harmful or fatal to your case. Contact me now for a consultation or use the Contact Form. Additional resources have been made available to you on this site as well.

Fort Worth Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy please call me. In some cases bankruptcy can be avoided. If you have lawsuits from creditors or a mountain of debt and feel overwhelmed I can help.

I serve clients throughout Fort Worth, Tarrant, Parker, Johnson and Hood Counties. Feel free to review my profile and please contact me now about your legal issue. As per our disclaimers this contact does not serve to establish an attorney/client relationship, it will allow me to begin an assessment of your case.

I am a debt relief agency under federal law. I help people file for protection under the bankruptcy code.


Should you suspect that you are the victim of identity theft or a merged file please contact me ASAP to set up a consultation.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE about identity theft.

Debt Consolidation / Debt Settlement

Before you solicit the services of a debt settlement company there are several things you need to consider. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. Anytime you are sued for debt (or any reason) you need to consult an attorney ASAP! 

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