Original Creditor Debt

In some cases Original Creditors will sue on their own debts.


While these usually result in either settlement negotiations or in some cases bankruptcy, it is still a good idea to put the creditor through their paces. In some cases they just do not have the documents or for whatever reason are not able to prove up their cases.  


The Discovery Process often will show how much or how little evidence the Original Creditor has actually retained.  Can they prove up an actual contract? Late fees and interest rates over 6% are creatures of contract. In some cases I will prepare a spreadsheet based on the evidence provided by the collection attorneys showing the amounts paid in compared to purchases, interest, and fees. This can be helpful in cases where the balance sought includes an unusually high amounts of interest and fees.


If you are sued by an original creditor, please call me for a free consultation. Examples of Original Creditors that I have dealt with include:

American Express
Bank of America/F.I.A. card Services
Capital One Bank N.A.
Barclay’s Bank
Synchrony Bank


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