Debt Counselor or Debt Defense Attorney?

Do you need a Debt Consolidator or a Debt DEFENDER? | DFW, Arlington, North TX

If you’ve been sued, In most cases, the good people of Ft. Worth need a true debt DEFENDER, and that means an experienced attorney like me, James Foley. 

If you’ve been sued for debt, or want to file for bankruptcy should it be necessary. I can and will defend you in cases brought by Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Midland Credit, Michael Moss, or Scott & Associates, and many more. 

My consultations are free and you can visit my Ft. Worth offices in person if necessary: (817) 738-1633. 

Don’t roll the dice with debt solutions! Your best fix is good legal help.

While debt solutions companies tend to get more radio airtime, they’re not always the best choice! A debt defense lawyer can help you in so many more ways, and at potentially cheaper rates in the near term. (And almost definitely with more value long term.)

Remember, debt consolidators can’t help if you’ve been sued.

Remember, debt counselors may take a fee whether they negotiate lower amounts for you or not.

Remember, debt solutions companies can’t help if one of your debts goes to court after they’ve agreed to take it on. 

You’re likely struggling with a large amount of debt. If that’s the case, don’t rob Peter to pay Paul with a debt consolidator. Instead, consult an experienced attorney, and avoid the complicated tax implications of forgiven debts. 

Weatherford, Aledo, White Settlement Lawyer for Bank/Credit Card Lawsuits from Cavalry Portfolio, Michael J. Scott, and more

Here’s how we can tackle your debt defense against the likes of Chase, Bank of Texas, Ally, or Jenkins & Young:

1. NEGOTIATING A SETTLEMENT: In my experience, banks and/or lenders might waive predatory fees if it means you repaying the initial amounts. 

2. FIGHTING THE DEBT: Maybe your furnisher lacks proper evidence, or maybe you’ve been sued for a debt that’s the result of identity theft or another credit reporting error. No matter the case, I might be able to identify these shortcomings as soon as our consultation, giving you hope for success. Go to and download a copy of your credit report today to share with me during our consult. 

3. STARTING OVER: Bankruptcy is actually incredible for my clients that truly need a fresh start, and doesn’t deserve the bad rap it gets in the media and board games. The bankruptcy process can be very straightforward, and will likely allow you to keep your home and vehicle. My clients who choose bankruptcy only do so with my extensive advice, and tend to emerge with stability and hope for their futures.  

A Fort Worth Attorney who can do what the other debt solutions people can’t: James Foley, PLLC

Your debtor hopes you’ll pay your full amount, no questions asked. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to force their hand and make them work for the money they say you owe. It’s time you had a fresh start, whether that means winning your case, negotiating a better amount, or starting over with bankruptcy.

When you’re ready to take the fight to the banks and debt collectors suing you, call me at 817-738-1633. I serve debt defense clients all across Lake Worth, Burleson, Keller, Cleburne, White Settlement, HEB, Pantego, Arlington, Grapevine, Benbrook, and Mansfield.

Let’s sit down at once for your totally FREE consultation! Make it your new year’s resolution to FIGHT and hopefully WIN.