Improving an Inaccurate Credit Score

How to Improve an inaccurate Credit  Score | Arlington, TX

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You can space out your credit report pulls evenly during the year, or do it all at once annually. Whichever you do, pick one and stick to it. 

Missed information on your report? Incorrect charges or score-killing inputs? No one will notice unless you do. Keep your information straight, and don’t let their mistakes lead to losing out on a loan, vehicle, or college education. 

Even more importantly, if a credit report is inaccurate, there may be monetary damages available to you, and that’s where I come in! Call me at James Foley PLLC, and we’ll discuss your case for free, and initiate the process for as little as the cost of postage. 817-738-1633

What kind of inaccuracy do I mean? An inaccuracy could be anything from an overinflated balance. A public record that needs to be updated (like a judgment that has since been settled). Stale, outdated, or reaged information. The statute of limitations for reporting is 7 ½ years from date of first delinquency leading to the default. A merged file is where someone else’s otherwise correct information shows up on your report.  It’s also possible that you are the victim of identity theft.

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Better Credit | Arlington, TX Attorney

An erroneous 30-day bank card delinquency on your credit report could lead to a 100 point drop to your credit score. -ConsumersUnion

Even a month with a fraudulent charge can hurt your scores, so don’t let as many as four or fourteen months pass you by. You must be hypervigilant. Waiting to check your report every year, and forgetting until the year is half over could leave you with as few as 6 months to catch fraudulent activity. 
As a longtime attorney, I’ll fight to ensure that the CRA’s will pay attention, should you find a fraudulent entry. I’ve won for North Texas clients what they deserve when furnishers make a mistake. I’ll will do my best to get a positive result.  

The Dispute Process

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act Liability attaches only after a dispute has been initiated. The dispute must be sent to the bureaus. They will then forward that information to the furnisher (the creditor providing the information), and then both entities are required to investigate the dispute. The dispute should include enough information to identify the consumer, and the account or tradeline in question. The dispute letter and accompanying documentation should spell out exactly why the information is incorrect and why you are disputing it. It should be clear on the face of the narrative and your included documents why the disputed information is wrong. 

I like to draft the disputes myself, and on my letterhead. I also send the letters by certified mail, return receipt requested. There are other methods to disoute, but this way leaves a definite paper trail. Sometimes it solves the problems, other times it sets up a lawsuit.  


Whether you live in Arlington, Richland Hills, HEB, or Grand Prairie, I’m here to help, starting with a free consultation about your case. 

I’m an experienced attorney, and the kind of partner who can make your case heard with credit agencies. I’ve won Arlington clients thousands, only in the beginning of this work, and I know more in Tarrant county stand to succeed. The same is true for Haltom City, Parker County, Grapevine, and the DFW metroplex.