Why am I being sued?

Has someone come to your house or place of business and handed you some official looking documents?

If so you have been sued. You may not recognize the plaintiff, the process server may have been in civilian clothes and in their personal vehicle. Either way you have been sued and must answer. There will not be further notice of a court date or further communications from the Court or the creditor. If you do not answer they will seek a default judgment. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY! (817) 738 1633!

Have you received mail with the following notices?

ALLY FINANCIAL: Post Vehicle Repossession Suit
BANK OF TEXAS: Original Creditor Suit, Loan Deficiency Suit
...Or so on?

Then you’ve come to the right place! My name is James Foley, PLLC and I’m your defense attorney when it comes to North Texas creditor lawsuits. 


Whether or not the letter in the envelope applies to you, delaying your reply can have severe damages, because many of these debt collecting companies possess incredible influence and power. But you have power too, under these circumstances, especially with proper legal counsel at your side. 

Whether you’re in Weatherford, Hood County, Parker County, Mansfield, Lake Worth, or Granbury, all of North Texas needs to be aware of the dangers of these notices. 
I’m here to turn a stressful or confusing process into one that you’re able to handle consummately. See which of the following describes your situation:

“I don’t believe this notice is legitimate/I don’t have a debt with this company.”

Don’t waste a moment. Log into www.annualcreditreport.com and check your credit report for incorrect or fraudulent accounts listed under your name. If you find one or more, your identity has likely been stolen, and you must act to regain control over your accounts. 

Remember, your credit report is not your credit score. The two are linked, but your report is more important, and should be checked annually, if not more frequently. 

If you are in danger for a delinquent account, you must dispute the claim; however, many credit reporting agencies (CRA’s) like Equifax or Experian do not follow the law to consider your dispute. As a result, I will act in your best interest to hold their feet to the fire and force them to dissolve the fraudulent account, and in turn remove you from the debt collection agency list.  

“I ignored the original notice and I am being sued.”

Do not allow yourself to be threatened or harassed. If this is happening, or not, call me immediately. (817) 738 - 1633

Whereas disputing an identity theft violation can be done with or without me, responding to a creditor lawsuit is dangerous to do alone. If you risk moving forward without paying a manageable salary for my work, it could cost you multiples of that amount down the road. 

Reply quickly, whether or not you take advantage of a free consultation with my office. Texas law gives you as little as 14 days to reply to a court summons. If you are absent, you’re as good as guilty. Don’t let that happen and take action now. 

Face the court and respond, then call me and I’ll help you decide what to do next. 

“I’ve received a notice from an account that I owe debt on, and have 30 days to respond. However, I can NOT afford to pay, even if I had more time or a lower payment.”

Bankruptcy is not nearly as scary as a lawsuit, and can be a fairly straightforward, conciliatory process. 

Surprisingly, I don’t always recommend that a client pay the account. I also don’t always recommend a client who can’t pay enter Bankruptcy. I understand that every case is unique, and I’ll guide you through yours, whether it’s one, the other, or neither. 

You may qualify for Chapter 13 if your income exceeds the median, or Chapter 7 if your income falls below the median. Whichever you choose, if you choose, there is honor in owning up to accounts and squaring with the debtor. 

Bankruptcy can provide relief you may have never known before, giving you a fresh start. You’ll have freedom from most of your delinquent accounts, and a chance to start fresh, rather than sink under the weight of the pressure. 


I’ve helped clients across Weatherford, Haltom City, Aledo, Arlington, Azle, Mansfield, and Grand Prairie enjoy the freedom of a new start. 
Wherever you are in Tarrant County or beyond, I am at your service, and able to chat as soon as you call to schedule your free consultation. Original creditor suits, debt buyer suits, vehicle repossession suits, and loan deficiency suits are the biggest part of what I do.