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Is it possible that information in your credit report could be damaging your score, without your knowledge? – yes, it is very possible!  Hello, I am James Foley PLLC; and if your credit score has been lowered due to identify theft, outdated information, incorrect entries or other data that could negatively affect your ability to get a loan, lease an apartment, or even secure a job position, then now is the time to take action!

Your Credit Report Is Vulnerable

You are, probably, familiar with the three main credit-reporting agencies (CRAs) –  Equifax, TransUnion and Experian; but even they are not beyond being hacked – case in point:  In 2017, Equifax  was breached.  According to The Federal Trade Commission, data belonging to more than 140 million Americans was compromised; and you need to know if your credit report was among those affected.  For more than one month, the breach had its way with people's names, addresses, drivers license numbers, social security numbers and credit-card numbers!    

For this reason, alone, it is crucial that you obtain a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies.  Simply go to:   If you credit score has been lowered due to incomplete data, outdated information, illegitimate accounts not opened by you, or other unacceptable entries, you need to know and you need to act upon it.

Seek a Professional Credit-Reporting Litigation Lawyer

Since lowered credit scores can adversely impact virtually every area of your life – from loans, to interest rates, to leases, to job opportunities – it is crucial you seek the expertise of a seasoned credit-repair attorney as quickly as possible.  Here is a stunning statistic from a 2014 report from ConsumersUnion:  An erroneous 30-day bank-card delinquency on your credit report could lead to a 100-point drop to your credit score.

You, certainly, can attempt to fix your credit score on your own; but without legal counsel, you could find yourself butting heads with CRAs and creditors with letters, phone calls and email messages going back and forth, for years.  Attempting to fix one's credit report can be challenging and legally detailed, with the possibility of no real results.

Contacting CRAs​                                    

Contacting one or more CRAs to repair a credit report would need to follow certain protocol:    

***  Formulate a dispute letter to the CRA, which would need to be hand-written.  A sample of this letter can be found in the FORMS and RESOURCES section of my website.

***  Include all identifying information concerning yourself and account details.  Have appropriate documentation, available, if needed.

***  Send the dispute letter by certified mail, with 'return receipt requested'. This is the only way I recommend that you send a dispute.

A Few Things You Need to Know

Things aren't always what they seem; and CRAs aren't always on the 'up-and-up'. It is true that CRAs are required, by law, to conduct a reasonable, independent investigation into any dispute claims.  Surprisingly, however, CRAs may choose to, entirely, accept information from data providers/furnishers, and end up disregarding your disputes.  This could lead to derogatory marks remaining on your credit reports, lowering your credit score – this is not acceptable!

The Buck Stops Here

Fair Trade Commission representatives and legal analysts shared shocking insight with CBS News concerning an 8-year study on credit-report accuracy.  The lengthy study was directed by Congress and conducted by the FTC.  A few disturbing excerpts include:

1.  One out of five Americans has an error on their credit report. One of ten Americans has an error that might lower their credit score.

2.  Fault for errors with credit reports lies largely with the CRAs who, clearly, violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

3.  In-spite of Federal Law, CRAs are not doing investigations into dispute complaints like they should.

4.  The problem is not that CRAs make mistakes – the problem is that CRAs, often, won't fix the mistakes.

Being legally represented by a credit-repair attorney when dealing with CRAs and data furnishers is imperative.  As a seasoned credit-repair attorney, my approach is efficient, comprehensive and aggressive.  I will not allow the credit-reporting industry to take advantage of my clients; and you do not deserve to be shoved aside by any unethical tactics.         

As your legal representative with repairing your credit score, my responsibilities would/could include:

1.  Reviewing your credit reports for possible errors

2.  Assisting with the dispute process.

3.  Filing a possible law-suit against CRAs and/or furnishers

I know who to speak with on your behalf; I know how to convincingly communicate to garner results; I know where to send pertinent information; and I know what documents are required.   

Call for Your Complimentary Credit-Report Assessment

Getting your credit report updated and your credit score raised, as quickly as possible, is in your best interest – contact James Foley PLLC, today.  Your complimentary credit-report assessment is only a phone call away!   

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