The Importance of a Credit Report   A good credit report is an essential part of any consumer’s financial health. Whether it is a new car, a new home, or even a job application, a
Are You Being Sued?  I'm on Your Side! Credit-card holders become acutely aware, once they are being sued for credit-card debt, that consequences for non-payment can be severe – even though
 Don't Battle It Alone Credit-card debt is 'unsecured'; though the word 'unsecured' is misleading since missed payments can result in devastating consequences for the card-holder. 
Let's Fight This, Together! It is astonishing how quickly credit-card debt can accumulate; and, equally, astonishing is what credit-card holders can face when payments become delinquent. 
 I Can Be Your Staunch Ally!   To the surprise of many, the consequences of past-due credit-card payments can be severe for the credit-card holder; and it goes beyond just a black
Don't Fight It Alone! Credit-cards can be a blessing or a curse depending on how manageable the payments may remain.  For many Americans, an occasional missed payment is not uncommon; but
We're in This, Together Even though credit-card debt in unsecured, missed payments can result in severe consequences.  In order to avoid a frozen bank account or other uncomfortable realities
Debt Law-Suits – I Will Fight for Your Rights! Credit-card debt can spiral out of control very quickly; and the legal consequences can be staggering if payments continue to be delinquent. 
Debt Law-Suits – Don't Battle It Alone! Credit-card debt can add up very quickly; and the consequences of missed payments can be stunning.  It is a type of debt that is 'unsecured'; yet
Facing a Debt Lawsuit? Get the Help You Need! Many people are not aware of the repercussions of past-due credit-card debt.  Since it is 'unsecured', some assume the legal consequences of
Being Sued?  You Need a Professional! Credit card debt is considered 'unsecured' debt; yet if payments are not made, a whole slew of legal consequences can ensue to make the life for the
Don't recognize Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery, Investment Retrievers,Velocity Investments, etc? Are you being sued over an old debt you might not even remember by a company you
I absolutely cringe when I hear the term judgment proof. I originally wrote this blog several years ago. It makes more sense than ever now that the majority of phone calls I get are from debtors
The better question is can you afford not to hire one. Credit card lawsuits are filed en masse by a handful of law firms across the state. I’ve personally reviewed court files and seen one attorney
I’ve been sued by a creditor. Is Bankruptcy the only option? In short, no. Bankruptcy is a big step. You should consider all your legal options before deciding if you should file. A
Someone came to my house, maybe late in the evening or on a weekend. They were wearing civilian clothes and driving their personal car. They handed me some official looking papers stating that I was
I am a huge fan of TCU Horned Frog Baseball. Frog Coach Jim Schlossnagle is fond of using little sayings to motivate his team. One of my personal favorites is “must be present to win.” This
Maybe you had your car or truck repossessed because you were behind on payments.  All is not lost. Were you sued for the deficiency on your note after the vehicle has been sold at auction?
As part of my law practice,  I help people who have errors on their credit reports. I see a variety of errors on the credit reports of consumers. These are people who regularly pay their bills,
Are you considering a major purchase such a home or a vehicle? It would be best to verify that you have an accurate credit report first. Pull your credit report now. You can get a copy of your credit
CACH just elected to non-suit a case against my client rather than comply with my requests to produce the documents that they would need to prove up their case. That is about $4,000.00 staying in my